Kathryn touches up roots

Kathryn touches up roots

In this application, I wanted to add depth to my overall pale pink color by placing a slightly darker pink at my roots which adds a lovely dimension. This application method is completely the same used in touching up any regrowth, whether for gray or fashion colors that have grown out. I'm starting out with damp hair, as Redken ShadesEQ processes better when damp.

Tip: if you have stubborn grays, try applying color on damp, not wet, hair. The hair color absorbs more readily and may give you the edge you've been looking for.

  • Section hair into 4 parts
  • Color the vertical lines in-between the four sections
  • Start color in the crown for the most depth and drama
  • Break down each section into smaller sections working in the front towards the face, then from the crown towards the nape
  • Dance during the processing, hair color should be fun

Tip: With a root shadow, I leave out my front hairline altogether, a shadow in this area can appear harsh. I shadow a few sections behind here and call it a day.


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