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Our Mission

We exist for the the joy found in self-expression, the right to control one’s own beauty destiny, powered by purposeful, sustainable design.
An Inside Look

The Hummingbird

You know what you’re made of, now see what we’re made of.

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Let’s End Single-Use Plastics

Dye Candy® is committed to creating reusable products that last (and make you look amazing).

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Our Story
Meet Kathryn

A former salon professional with 15 years in the industry, Kathryn Madison was surprised by how frustrating (and damaging) it was to dye her own hair at home. Mass-produced applicators were flimsy, messy, single-use plastics better suited for dressing a garden burger than putting fine touches on her roots. So Kathryn decided to put her salon experience to work. She knew this new tool had to be reusable. It needed precise flow control - no more blobs on blouses, no more sloppy over-dyeing. And it had to be easy. After years of research, design, and dozens of prototypes, The Hummingbird™ was ready to spread its wings.


Elevate Your Haircare Ritual

Get the control you crave.

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Our Journey

Evolution- the Hummingbird

The Family

Upgrade your beauty ritual with occasional updates and offers.

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