part it.
place it.
spread it.

Finally, dying your hair is easy! Meet your new ‘no fuss’ hair color holy grail tool, The Hummingbird®.

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Ultimate Convenience

Engineered to work upright. That's a game-changer.

Unrivaled Speed

The most efficient hair dye applicator on the planet. Cuts dyeing time in half.

No Mess

Pinpoint precision & flow control means dye only goes where you want it. No more messy hands.

Love It, Guaranteed

The Hummingbird® will revolutionize your home hair dye process! If you're not in love after 30 days, return it for a refund.

Parts, Places & Spreads

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Pinpoint Precision & Flow Control

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Easy to Clean, Refill & Reuse

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The Hummingbird® vs The Squeeze Bottle

Why Fly With Us?

See why The Hummingbird® is the most effective, efficient hair dye applicator on the planet.

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Anatomy of
The Hummingbird®

1. The “Beak”

Parts, places & spreads with pinpoint precision & flow control. No more messy hands.

2. Expert Engineering

The Hummingbird®'s patented technology is designed to work upright. One hand is all you need!

3. Easy squeeze action!

Super easy to clean, refill & reuse. Holds up to 6 oz, with embossed measurements on the side.


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Our passion for birds and their importance to our planet's health is why we donate 1% of sales to The Audubon Society, an amazing organization that protects birds throughout the Americas using science, advocacy, and education.