We Put Hair Color in its Place

Easy Squeezy and Eco Friendly

Take control of your look with The Hummingbird, the amazingly accurate (and fabulously fun!) hair dye applicator.


Flow control so there’s never too much (or too little).


Designed to be used upright, so it’s easy squeezy!


Kiss those messy single-use dye applicators goodbye.

Real Talk

As I was going darker, I had to work my roots fast, and that's where Dye Candy's long applicator tip came in especially handy to quickly apply controlled color to just the root.


I got the hang of how to use the Hummingbird the first time I home-dyed my hair.


Once I remembered I didn’t have to turn it upside down, it was amazing. Fast, smooth, easy to part and apply, didn’t have to shake the bottle…using it upright is a game changer.


I really liked the way the tip parts the hair to apply the color; I usually juggle a pick to do that.


The bottle is very comfortable in the hand. Perhaps those that have arthritis may see it gives them the freedom to dye their hair without cramping up their hands.


It was perfect in every way! I love it and can’t wait to use it once again!


I think this is a great product. It was super efficient and I loved being able to part my hair with the nozzle. I always have a Bobby pin on hand to do my part normally, so it was great to be able to do this all-in-one motion with one hand.


Applying the color was a breeze!


All in all, it was MUCH better than my current system. I think it was faster and I feel like the coverage was better than literally doing it by hand.I would totally purchase this as a gift.


Bullseye speaks to the ability to really put it where you want it!


The Hummingbird
Takes Flight

We Dream in Green

Besides saving the planet from single-use applicators, Dye Candy® is also committed to giving back. 1% of every sale goes to the National Audubon Society.

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