What's In the Box?

Removable: parting tip

O-Ring: prevents leaking

Double Valve: flow control

Tube adaptor: easy grip removal

Custom bottle: bouncy, fits perfectly in hand

Custom footstool: stands securely


There's the Tip Brush, to keep your beak squeaky clean so you can dye another day. Also included is our Mixing Cap, which is the same color as your bird's beak. It is the perfect piece to complete your all-in-one tool.

the hummingbird hair dye applicator fully assembled with the included dye mixing cap and beak brush cleaner
Our Patents

Patented Perfection

Get the control you crave, minus the mess. The Hummingbird dye applicator is the result of years of research and development aimed at creating an applicator you’ll never want to throw away (and you don’t have to). Get The Hummingbird today and experience hair color application a whole new way.

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