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The Hummingbird
The Hummingbird
A model smiling holding The Hummingbird Hair Dye applicator towards her face on a blue background
The Hummingbird
The Hummingbird
The Hummingbird

The Hummingbird

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  • Works with any brand of liquid hair color
  • Parts, places and spreads
  • Works upright
  • Controls dye flow
  • Pinpoint precision
  • Re-usable, refillable
  • Easy to clean
  • Holds up to 6oz (180 mls)
  • Embossed measurements
  • Includes leak-proof mixing cap & spoolie cleaner

*Not to be used with heavy formulations that can only be applied by hand or brush.

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Expertly Crafted

The Hummingbird hair dye applicator by Dye Candy was designed by a professional hairdresser seeking to recapture the joy in self-expression. Fed up with single-use messy hair coloring tools, Kathryn set out with purpose to create a sustainable, reusable applicator that allowed for easy, fun, and creative hair coloring, without the headaches and heartbreaks that come with current hair dye applicator options.

Let Spirits Fly

Feed your soul and your spirit with an applicator that thrives on natural tones, vibrant colors, and unabashed self-expression. The Hummingbird features nine expertly crafted parts, including the angled beak; a sleek precision tip that protects your hair as you effortlessly reach the roots of even the most challenging hair types. Our biggest difference is the cleverly hidden double-valve inside, providing the ultimate in flow control and total visibility around the head with its ground breaking upright position, while the supple, responsive bottle bounces back to be squeezed again. The beak and all components are fully removable for squeaky clean re-use.

If you’ve been yearning for the at-home or in-salon hair coloring solution to the same old ketchup bottle messy madness, let your spirits soar and your heart buzz with The Hummingbird hair dye applicator, and experience the ease of zero mess hair color application in a whole new way.


Quick & Controlled

As I was going darker, I had to work my roots fast, and that's where Dye Candy's long applicator tip came in especially handy to quickly apply controlled color to just the root.


Quick to Pick Up

I got the hang of how to use the Hummingbird the first time I home-dyed my hair.


Using It Upright is a Game Changer

Once I remembered I didn’t have to turn it upside down, it was amazing. Fast, smooth, easy to part and apply, didn’t have to shake the bottle…using it upright is a game changer.


One Hand is All You Need!

I really liked the way the tip parts the hair to apply the color; I usually juggle a pick to do that.


Freedom at Any Age

The bottle is very comfortable in the hand. Perhaps those that have arthritis may see it gives them the freedom to dye their hair without cramping up their hands.


Will Use Again & Again!

It was perfect in every way! I love it and can’t wait to use it once again!


Part & Apply All in One Motion

I think this is a great product. It was super efficient and I loved being able to part my hair with the nozzle. I always have a Bobby pin on hand to do my part normally, so it was great to be able to do this all-in-one motion with one hand.


Applying the color was a breeze!



All in all, it was MUCH better than my current system. I think it was faster and I feel like the coverage was better than literally doing it by hand.I would totally purchase this as a gift.


Right on Target

Bullseye speaks to the ability to really put it where you want it!


Fantastic root coverage!!

The Hummingbird was easy to use! The packaging was beautiful. The instructions easy to follow! I have gray roots and they aren’t easy to color. The Hummingbird made it so much easier to find all the gray and cover it! I highly recommend it!!!thumb_up 0 /thumb_down 0


Exceeded my expectations… I couldn’t believe how the hummingbird simplifies the process!

Okay!! I used it for the first time last night!!! I kept trying to make it more difficult than it actually was! After years of doing my own roots, (thank you Covid!) I had certain steps engrained in my process. The hummingbird makes everything easier and more streamlined! No messy mixing bowls, trying to pour thick hair dye into a narrow necked bottle, and I never EVER had the dreaded blow out or puff of air mixed with hair dye with the hummingbird.


Love this adorable bottle!
The hummingbird bottle is such a great tool for me to use as a stylist. First it’s absolutely adorable, so easy to clean and helps to reach areas with ease when I’m applying color. It’s definitely an adorable and useful item at the salon! And the packaging is the absolute cutest thing I’ve ever seen!! 🐦


Fabulous Hummingbird

I have always done my own coloring at home, but I have to say this was the easiest and most evenly coloring I have ever done. Also less mess and easier clean up. Thank you Hummingbird for making my coloring experience so wonderful.


Love this Product
Such an easy product to use, clean, and reuse. Feels great using it knowing it's good for the environment.


Right on Target

Bullseye speaks to the ability to really put it where you want it!


All in all, it was MUCH better than my current system. I think it was faster and I feel like the coverage was better than literally doing it by hand. I would totally purchase this as a gift.


Absolutely Amazing!

Fast shipping and such beautiful packaging with a personal note ❤️ made touching up my hair SO much easier with no mess!


Experience the Difference

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