3 Zones of Hair

3 Zones of Hair

When it comes to hair color, there's a lot to consider. Here are some facts about your hairs three zones, how each behaves differently during the coloring process and a few helpful hints.

Think of zones like completely different countries, that need to be treated as such.

  1. Roots: the first half inch to inch directly off your scalp.
  2. Mids: the middle area between roots and the ends.
  3. Ends: the last few or several inches, depending on your length and level of porosity/damage.

Roots:  Heard of "hot roots"? Roots process differently because of the heat from the scalp. On the opposite spectrum, they are more resistant when it comes to coloring gray, as this is virgin, brand spanking new hair, and needs the right formulation for proper coverage.

Tip: when matching your natural hair color or going darker, begin in the area that is most resistant, or where you most often part your hair so the most visible areas are processed thoroughly.

Tip: If your roots are getting "hot" showing more warmth than desired, approach this zone with a slightly different formula. Go a bit darker in level and/or add more N for natural, or NA for natural ash to neutralize the warmth.

Mids: This zone is pretty stable and in better condition than the ends. The majority of our highlights and dimension; whether made in-salon, or naturally occurring, live in your mid-zone. This is where the life, shine and character of the hair comes through.

Tip: If your hair has ever been permanently colored all-over, it's best to refresh faded color with a gloss in this area, rather than pulling permanent color through time after time. Glossing preserves the hairs health and dimension because it's more translucent than permanent color and is not as damaging.

Tip: If you're touching up your roots only, and have expensive salon highlights, apply a heavy conditioner through the mids and ends to protect your investment and lift this area out of the way when rinsing out your root color so you don't accidentally darken your highlights. Condition and color at the same time!

Ends: the oldest and most fragile area of your hair (except for you, baby hairs). They've survived all your shampoos, hair lightening or darkening, beach time and styling tools. They are porous and ever ready to grab color quickly.

Tip: Apply some hair oil or conditioner on the ends during coloring so the ends will resist grabbing too much color. When your hairdresser recommends taking off the ends, consider it- otherwise they may end up cutting themselves through breakage.



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